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Sometimes, all you need is a few Frisco painting experts to give your home the much-needed facelift it deserves. While comprehensive home remodeling is necessary for outdated spaces, say painting your walls, serves as a quick and economical way of updating your home, only without all the fuss and resources pegged to remodeling from scratch. That said, even ardent DIY’ers concur that there are endless ways of making a mess when it comes to painting walls, which is why sourcing for professional interior painting Frisco TX experts is your safest bet.

Sure, doing it yourself may seem as the viable economic route to take, but, investing in the best handyman Frisco TX has to offer is in your best interest – both economically and aesthetically. Let’s have a look at the best way to paint a house Frisco TX style, shall we?

Pro Tips for Painting a House Interior: 

When it comes to handling a brush and some paint, distinguishing a pro from quack - is quite easy. Make sure your Frisco painting experts follow these basic steps when painting your home walls.

Labeling the cabinet doors and hinges

Every door and hinge of your home cabinets has been fitted in a custom manner and most amateurs don’t know this. While most doors may be of a standard size range, each has a custom fit, meaning you’ll have to put it back in the same place when all is said and done. As for the hinges, they age and wear differently over time, besides of course coming in a custom fit like the doors. For instance, larger doors have stronger hinges to prevent sag emanating from gravity. Knowing this, our Frisco painting experts label all doors and hinges way before the paint work begins, prior to placing a blue tape over where the hinge sits to prevent it from getting painted.

Thorough cleaning of your walls

Most DIY’ers and even amateur painters often overlook the initial cleaning process, which is a huge mistake. As a rule of thumb, thorough washing of your walls should be the second step of any serious home repainting project, to remove the debris that prevents bonding – grease, oils and other common residue. Our Frisco painting experts come equipped with the necessary cleaning tools to achieve this, including the effective trisodium phosphate agent – a natural degreaser.

Getting rid of the gloss

Removing the gloss from walls is where you can easily distinguish amateurs from pros. Most contractors tend to go with the messy sanding process rather than using chemistry to their advantage. Our Frisco painting experts on the other hand, simply apply eco-friendly liquid de-glossers on the walls to break down the shine, prior to wiping it off and voila! The painting begins. When we are done, your once dark-looking walls will have the smooth finish and beauty of a brand new home.

Also, worth noting is our professional exterior painting Frisco TX experts use universal primers such as oil or shellac to provide sufficient bite to the surface. Home walls require an impeccable bond to deliver on durability and these primers go a long way in drying hard, concealing stains on the grain and sanding properly, unlike water-based products. Next time you think about giving your home an update, try contacting the best handyman Frisco TX has to offer, so you can enjoy the above benefits and more.

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